Ceramic Coatings


This is the most durable, longest lasting protection for the various surfaces of your car. Ceramic Coatings are a great investment for your car, and return your car to that show-room shine.

Coatings allow for extreme ease of maintenance, providing long term value, and protection against damaging elements such as the sun's harsh UV rays, bird droppings, dirt, tar, etc. Coatings are even available for leather, plastic, glass, and fabric. Ceramic Coatings eliminate the need to ever wax or buff your car again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is Ceramic coating good for your car?
Quality ceramic coating provide long-lasting protection from UV rays, environmental contaminants and chemical erosion. Proper surface prep and application will reveal a water repelling, high-gloss sleek surface.
2Is ceramic coating easy to apply?
As with any automotive finish process, prep work is the most time-consuming step in applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle. For best results, the exterior should be thoroughly washed, decontaminated via clay bar, and then polished. After all contaminants are removed, follow the directions on the product’s label closely. Apply the ceramic coating to one panel at a time using consistent circular motions and thoroughly wipe off the excess immediately after the specified wait time.
3How long does ceramic coating last?
Ceramic coatings can last two to five years with proper care and maintenance, depending on environment and driving frequency.
4What happens when ceramic coating wears off?
When a Ceramic Coating fails it simply wears away, similar to the way wax wears off over time. You’ll notice its water beading and dirt shedding abilities decline over time.
5How Much Should I Pay for Ceramic Coating?
Consumer Ceramic coatings and kits are friendly on the wallet. Light-duty sprays cost less than $20 and the high end (full kits with supplies, preparation solutions and cleaning implements) run under $120. If you’re looking for professional installation, top end ceramic coating job, can be quite expensive, running from the $375 range all the way to $2,100 or more for a professional multi-stage, high-quality paint correction and coating on a large vehicle like a Yukon Denali XL or Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Prices also vary by geographic location.

Nano Coating

Scientifically formulated meant to penetrate microscopic imperfections and fill in gaps in the paint's  finish and provide a solid layer almost as strong as quartz. Nano polymers bond with the surface and create an invisible shield with extreme hardness. It’s this hardness and protective coat that permits the car’s exterior to look great with minimal maintenance.

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Aurora's Detailing Specialist

At Grey Line Detailing, we take exception to the notion "Why should I get a Ceramic Coating?" Protect your vehicle's finish from oxidation and fading. the most noticeable is its water displacing & hydrophobic capabilities. Give your vehicle the protective layer it should have.

  • Anthony is amazing!!! He spent so much extra time on an extensive detail and ceramic coating to my 2021 F150. It absolutely pops. The pait is black which is hard to work with but now looks like a mirror. The results are completely unbelievable! The truck went in dirty and smelling like smoke and came back home looking and smelling immaculate!!! It is a world of a difference!!!! Thank you so much Anthony!
    David Sellmer
    a month ago
  • Anthony was great! I had over-spray paint that hit the whole passenger side off my car. Anthony was able remove all of it keeping my vehicle looking new. My expectations are very high and they were met, part that was exceeded was Anthony’s personal touch to taking care of me and my vehicle. Thank you Anthony, I will be back.
    Robert Holman
    5 Months ago
  • My 20 year old van looks amazing. Took great care to work on stains, used protectant on the dash and the leather seats. Even unplugged one of my drains. The engine looks brand new. Communication and payment was fast and easy. Would totally use again! Thank you!
    Gina McQueary
    4 months ago
  • Just got my car back and all I can say is WOW!!! Anthony and Greyline Detailing did beyond an amazing job on my 2019 Jeep! It truly looks better than it did when I bought and drove it off the lot! I could see the attention to detail and hard work that had been done immediately when I got in my car.
    Brandy King
    2 years ago