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Ceramic Coating

Sometimes referred to as nano-ceramic coating, ceramic coatings are a chemical compound solution primarily composed of silica and titanium dioxide forming a covalent bond that has extreme hydrophobic properties—meaning water cannot penetrate it.

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Paint Correction

Paint correction is the Art of returning your exterior finish to its original (New State), this is serious business as you really need to know what you're doing here, so is your Detailer properly trained, insured and certified. Removes Surface Scratches,  Swirl Marks, Water Etching, Oxidation, Paint Transfer and Fall-out (Micro -Minerals your Vehicle Attracts, Sitting or in Motion, and Especially when your Drive, or are in Weather)

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Interior Ceramic Coating

The same bullet proof properties that we apply to your exterior finish, we can now also apply to your Leather, Vinyl, Plastic, and Fabric (carpet) etc. It’s the best way to Preserve, Protect, Promote, and Prolong enjoyment of  your Vehicle. Easy to clean, and looks Sharp!

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Interior Detail

When you think of all the surfaces that come together in your vehicle it’s really amazing. In what other Arena do Leather, Vinyl, Plastic, and Rubber come together for Function and Beauty!? So how do You Preserve, and Protect each one!? That’s our specialty, and we take great Pride in giving you that new Car/Boat feel, whether you're driving a Tesla,  67 Chevelle, Tundra, or 2023 Tige RZX3, we got you covered!

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Ceramic Protection Plans

We specialize in Ceramic coating care plans, so you can focus on what's important, Driving your vehicle and enjoying its Stunning Presentation. We come to You, treat your Coating with A proper Wash, (Soap specifically Engineered for your Coating)   

Decon, and then Rejuvenate your Coating so You never have to worry about it.

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Engine Detail

Ever had your Engine detailed?...Well once you do, you’ll never go back. Something about a clean, deep satin shine, that just does something to you. It's the Cherry on top of your Sunday, that you didn't know you needed, and now wouldn't have it any other way!

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Wheel Coating

There's something to be said about a pair of shoes setting an outfit off, and that’s exactly what your Wheels will do once we coat them.  Brake dust, grease and grime, will melt off your wheels like butter, under a hot knife, and all you have to do is spray them with water!

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